Sigale Revisited

sigale, Alpes_Maritimes, france

a hilltop village in Les Alpes_Maritimes, France

I have been reviewing my collection of photographs, selecting entries for the galleries on my new site, and using PhotoNinja to reprocess them.

PhotoNinja is a recent raw file processor. It appears to get more information out of highlights in photos than other processors, and also its contrast levers produce clearer and more ‘dimensional’ images than the other raw processors I have by Adobe, Phase One, etc.

My new visit now contains a gallery of photos that I took five year’s ago in Sigale in the Alpes-Maritimes some 40 miles or so North of Nice in France. I have posted a few of them here to entice you to visit the gallery.

Dawn in the Alpes-MaritimesSigale Square in the Alpes-Maritimes, FranceMidday, sigale, Alpes-Maritimes, Francesigale has no shops but it has a church and a bar

Please visit the gallery of photos of Sigale at

I have discovered that the link to my Facebook pages was not working correctly for my previous two posts, here are the links

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