Revisiting Aldeburgh Beach

Almost three years ago I spent a very worthwhile 5 or 6 hours taking photos at Aldeburgh Beach, Suffolk, England. Since then my processing skills have improved and so has the software that I use. So I have reprocessed the better pictures and included them in a new gallery on my website – click here.

Here are some reprocessed photographs as well as some introductions never shown before:

Aldeburgh Beach Looking South Fishing Boat, Aldeburgh Beach

Aldeburgh Beach, View 3


Heading North on Aldeburgh Beach


The Scallop, Aldeburgh Beach

A memorial to the composer Benjamin Britten who lived nearby in Snape

I love the lines in these photos as well as their contrasts and colors. All of the photos were taken with a Nikon D700, and the raw files were reprocessed by PhotoNinja rather than Photoshops own raw processor. I further refined the colors and contrasts using Adobe Photoshop and Nik Software’s Color Efex Pro.

Did you know that you can view an enlarged copy of any image in my blogs if you double click on the photo? I just ask in return that you honor my copyright of every photo.

Please respect that I not only own each image in my blogs but have spent considerable sums and mental effort on equipment and software to bring them to you, and do not copy any of them. If you go to my website you can immediately download file copies of any image there for a nominal fee. The files are for you to keep and process for your own enjoyment or for the subsequent owner when you transfer the files as a gift. You will have the security and serenity of ownership, and I will appreciate the token contribution that you have made in recognition of my efforts.

Alternatively, I will gladly print a copy for you at any size of your choice. You can order directly at the site.

Yesterday I purchased a 200 to 500 mm  telephoto lens to put on my D800. It is a monster, some 19 inches (48 cms) in length. Soon I expect to blog about my early experiences with the monster. I keep saying to my wife that there is nothing else that I want in photo equipment Рbut really that is never the case.


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