The Wellsville and Edgerton Region of Kansas

This is an addendum to my recent blog on a phototrip from Cleveland to Ottawa Kansas. I  left you at Edgerton, Kansas with a rather poor shot of the old bank building now a public library, undertaking to return to get a better one. This I did in early February, 2013. These shots were taken on this trip in the vicinity of Edgerton and Wellsville, Kansas, just down the road.



Outside the towns much of the landscape is flat but has a certain beauty about it that is not always immediately obvious. Here is a lone tree almost defying the odds, natural and human-sourced, against its survival.

Sometimes all it takes is an interesting light as in the next photo that I call Kansas Corn In Winter. The visual impact of these images increases considerably when printed large, really large, as is the case of many of my landscapes taken in Kansas.

Kansas Corn Field in Winter


There are quite a number of pump jacks scattered across the landscape. These are the nodding, insect-like pumps that bring crude oil to the surface

Kansas Oil Pump Jack

And here is a photo of where they go to ‘die.’

Where Pump Jacks Go To Die

In all of these photos the clouds and the little sun that showed adds character and impact of each shot. You do not have to wait for a sunny day.

Wellsville is a fairly typical Kansas Town, it has preserved its brick paved downtown. (Why have not many Missouri towns done this?).downtown Wellsville, KansasAnd a few preserved shops from the nineteenth century help to provide some character._DSC1183

Nineteenth Century Feed Merchant's Store, Wellsville, KansasOnwards to Edgerton, and here it is, a better picture of the Bank of Knowledge._DSC1187_v1On the way back to Kansas City, off the main highways you can visit Lanesfield School State Historic Site. All that reamins of the settlement of Lanesfield is its school. The town disappeared after it was by-passed by the railway in favor of Edgerton. The school, built of stone like the one roomed school at the Prairie Tall Grass Preserve to the East in Kansas, has been renovated for the use of local schools. It is accompanied by a small museum complete with a ‘superintendent’ in nineteeth century garb. Here are some photos of the interior and exterior of the one room school.

Lanesfield School, Kansas


View from The Back Row, Lanesfield School, Kansas


The Teacher's View, Lanesfield School on Valentine's Day


I visited the school the weekend after Valentines Day – hence the ‘heart’ on the teacher’s desk.

This visit can easily be included in the trip from Cleveland to Ottawa and on to Edgerton, Kansas.

All of these photos have been added to the school, landscape, and towns and villages galleries of where prints and downloads can be purchased.


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